More for Less!

Martin Brampton tops the poll!

Martin Brampton's campaign was supported by Kirkbymoorside electors, who turned out in impressive numbers despite wet and windy November weather on the 11th. Now to put the promised policies into effect! There is a council meeting on Monday 15 November, just 4 days after the poll. That is too short a time for new councillors to put items on the agenda, but there are some points already on the agenda where decisions could be made that will enhance openness and democracy. The hope is that the council will respond to the public mood, as expressed in the way votes were cast.

The Policies

Many people are feeling that Kirkbymoorside needs more for less. More benefits from the town council for less cost. The tax imposed by the town council has risen in leaps and bounds, and is now 200% higher than it was just six years ago. As a result, council tax in Kirkbymoorside is higher than anywhere else in Ryedale.

The latest increase is largely attributable to the expensive building project for the Old Library. The only clearly identified benefit is an improved town council office. Over the next 20 years, the council plans for the citizens of Kirkbymoorside to spend around a quarter of a million pounds in loan repayments. No wonder people are up in arms!


  • Democracy – the town needs a council that actively represents local opinions
  • Listening – councillors need to be making an effort to keep in contact with citizens and to take account of their views
  • Active – the town council ought to take a lead in local matters, while remaining responsive to citizens


  • Cost – the town council is spending more and more money with little to show for it; spending should be reduced
  • Bureaucracy – well over half what the council spends is administration and ways must be found to reduce this burden
  • Legalism – all councils must work within the law, but a common sense approach is needed that doesn't use the law to browbeat citizens
  • Formality – necessary business needs to be dispatched quickly and efficiently so that more important matters can be discussed, and the involvement of local people can be encouraged

How do we achieve this? The immediate step is to elect two new council members who are ready to advocate more for less. The election will be on Thursday 11 November 2010 from 7 am to 10 pm at the Memorial Hall. You should receive a poll card, but you do not need any document to be able to vote. Make sure your vote counts!