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Election Leaflet - 2

Local Taxation

Last year, Kirkbymoorside had the highest tax charge in the whole of Ryedale by a whisker. This year, the town had a much larger increase than any of the other Ryedale towns, and is now far and away the most highly taxed part of Ryedale.

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Election Leaflet - 1

More democracy and openness

for Less cost and red tape

#128002 • 10/24/2010 8:38am by Martin Brampton • Vote: Agree (191) Disagree (177)

Martin Brampton a candidate

Martin Brampton is standing for election to one of the two vacant seats on Kirkbymoorside Town Council. Polling will be on 11th November 2010. If you want a postal vote, or to vote through someone else (a proxy) there is still time at the date this was written. But don't delay!

Martin was nominated by Tony Clark M.B.E. who was a council member for many years, and by Paul Brewster, of the Summit Bookshop in the town.

The reason Martin is standing is to seek the support of the people of the town for taking the "More for Less" message into council meetings. A full statement of his policies will be available within a few days.

If you support the idea of "More for Less", please consider putting up a poster in your window. They are available now - use the "Contact Us" information to request one, or download it here. And please vote for Martin on 11th November!

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