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Election Leaflet - 1

More democracy and openness

for Less cost and red tape

Kirkbymoorside Town Council has been spending more and more. The green bars in the chart show how the cost of living (RPI) has risen over the last ten years. The red bars show the rise in the tax charge levied by the town council.

Precept Chart for the last 10 years

For many people, the final straw has been the extravagant “Town Hall” scheme. The council wants to saddle the town with a debt that will cost a quarter of a million pounds to repay. And what does the town gain? A better office for the town clerk, and a meeting room for the council. Even without that cost, more is spent on administration than anything else.

We need a new approach where the council takes action to achieve far greater efficiency, leading to lower costs and better services that genuinely meet the needs of local people.

Vote for

Martin Brampton

for the Town Council on 11 November 2010

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