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Credit can be hard to obtain (ask a bank csteomur) in spite of genuine intentions to award it; I had some material on the same show (Tuesday night's) but was mis-credited as Robert . Oh well. The important thing is that John's slot was superb.There's a successful career out there as a stand-up waiting for you, John. Just get an agent who books you into nice, cosy middle class Arts Centres where people drink elderflower presse in the interval. Don't do what I did, and perform outdoor comedy walking tours it's bad enough enduring an audience heckle you, without the general public, cyclists, reversing lorries, tramps/students and passing celebrities (Thom Yorke from Radiohead being the most impressive) heckling you too. And I was actually fairly competent(ish).

#128552 • 11/22/2014 10:32am by Tyaa • Vote: Up votes (177) Down votes (113)

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